How it works

How it works

VideoGram uses sophisticated technology to combine a micro LCD screen into a greetings card allowing you to create your own videos and upload it to the card.

The technology is cleverly hidden within the printed material leaving an elegant and attractive finishing to the card.

VideoGram technology combines, speakers for sound, Lithium rechargeable battery for long term use, USB flash drive to store and upload content and an LCD screen to watch the video.

In short we have done all the hard work, allowing you to simply upload the video and enjoy the card.

All cards come with a USB cable which lets you upload the video from your desktop to the card, and is also used for charging the card.

Simply connect the USB cable from your card to your computer and open the card flap. Please note the card flap must remain open for charging the card and uploading the video.

Once you have uploaded the video to the card, remove the cable, close the flap, when you open the flap again the video will be on the card.

All cards come with a custom VideoGram envelope style packaging perfect for giving as a gift.

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