We have a range of stunning designs for all occasions.


Birthdays are the ideal occasion to send a VideoGram providing a perfect and unique gift solution with a personal touch. make someone feel special by creating a video of them, their life, maybe how they’ve transformed into the person they are today. The VideoGram will remain as a treasured gift for years to come. Our My MovieMaker can help you create stunning videos.


What better way to commemorate the time the two of you have spent together then with a VideoGram for anniversaries. Send the message you really want, tell them how you feel, or simply create a collage of your time together. Combine pictures and videos from when you first met, special moments, memorable trips.. Our My MovieMaker is perfect for that.

I love you

You never really need a reason to say I love you. Perfect for any occasion anytime of the year.. Express how you really feel, maybe to someone who doesn’t already know. It can be difficult telling a crush how you feel face to face, simply create your personal heartfelt message and send it through a VIdeoGram.

Baby’s first birthday

A baby’s first birthday is a wonderful time for all parents, and we all have hundreds of photos and videos of the first year of the baby’s life.. VideoGram provides the perfect solution to preserve those memories for years to come. Simply combine those photos and videos using our My MovieMaker and upload it to the card. The baby will be left with a keepsake commemorating their first year of life when they are old enough to appreciate it.


We are constantly producing new designs for all occasions and seasons throughout the year, providing heartfelt messages to loved ones across the world. The Christmas VideoGram has been very popular with students living abroad who are able to send a video card back home.

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