Offline Marketing Tips for Businesses

There’s plenty of advice out there for companies seeking to bolster their online marketing efforts, but the most effective promotional campaigns aren’t necessarily entirely dependent on the Internet. For this reason, we have decided to compile a list of tips for more fruitful offline marketing.

Provide inventive – but still practical – printed marketing material

With many marketers now regarding print advertising with less enthusiasm, this opens up a great opportunity for you: simply by continuing to engage in print advertising, your business could now stand out more! However, there’s still a need to put a lot of thought into that material before it is distributed.

Try to produce material that deviates from the standard template. However, also make sure that this material remains practical for recipients to read and keep. You could, for example, send out video brochures – in other words, brochures with built-in LCD screens for showing a video of your choice. Their quirkiness can leave lasting positive impressions on numerous customers – and we at VideoGram can speedily produce significant volumes of video brochures for your staff to disseminate.

Send out little cards and gifts to clients and customers

When a special occasion, like Easter or Christmas, is fast approaching, or you know that particular customers will soon be celebrating their birthdays, sending out cards and gifts can be a wonderfully thoughtful gesture. It can certainly remind people of how much their custom means to your company.

Making cards to send doesn’t have to be particularly financially expensive, either. We at VideoGram allow you to quickly and easily make a video before having it uploaded for playing on an LCD screen embedded within a visually pleasing card. You could use such a video to send good wishes to a customer in a more personal manner.

Top billing… or billboarding

You may think that spending on a billboard advertising campaign could be too expensive to be worthwhile, but business blogger James Javier begs to differ. He insists that the exposure your business can get with billboards would be worth the initial financial outlay, though he urges you to check that your call to action and contact information are clearly displayed on the advertisement.

He also suggests that you could turn your company’s vehicles into mobile billboards by wrapping them in advertisements. You could also cut the costs of billboard promotions by embarking on a joint campaign with a vertical business and sharing the expense.