Unique Marketing Products for 2018

Unique Print Marketing Products for 2018

The ultimate aim of print marketing is to get people noticing your business for the right reasons. However, pulling something both unique and appealing out of the hat can be tricky. Thankfully, there are some solutions which could help to make the crucial difference for your company in 2016.

Make a customer’s birthday or Christmas even more special

Does your company keep a mailing list of past or present customers? If so, occasionally sending them greeting cards, such as for birthdays or Christmas, can be a thoughtful way of thanking them for their custom, while perhaps reminding them of what your business still has to offer them. And imagine their reaction when you send their thanks through a video included, either through direct embedding or a QR code, with the card.

What exactly should you show in that video, then? There are so many possibilities. You could, for example, show yourself talking to the camera, as if you are speaking in a warm and friendly manner to the customer in person, or perhaps provide them with a first look at a television advert that your company has lined up for local or national broadcast. You could even offer them a unique discount code for use only with your company – a great present!

Distribute copies of a customised video brochure

Sending out brochures is a familiar way of promoting what your company offers in terms of products or services. However, a video brochure – yes, a print brochure, but with a video embedded inside it – could provide the vital difference that helps to grab and sustain the interest of various potential future customers.

More and more people have been noticing the unique benefits of video marketing recently. However, through distributing video brochures like those available from VideoGram, you could have the edge even on many businesses that have recently learned of the effectiveness of video marketing and, as a result, consider themselves to be at a significant promotional advantage.

A video brochure could, for example, be used to more clearly demonstrate how a product that could otherwise come across as bewilderingly complex, like a new smartphone or piece of fitness equipment, can be used. Whoever reads the brochure no longer has to type out a hyperlink to see such a video on YouTube – a great way of how video brochures can combine benefits of print and online marketing to innovative effect.